Tracie Nelson

Hi my name is Tracie and this is my story. PLAA is a small boutique agency which I run myself. For the past 7 years we have run monthly workshops in Liverpool, from doing this I have met the most amazing actors. A seed was sown all those years ago, I wanted to help our actors reach their goals, I wanted to give them something which would help them fulfil their potential and by doing this Penny Lane Actors Agency was born.

Our vibrant agency is aimed at providing the best service to our actors in a nurturing, friendly and professional manner. As most of our actors attend the Eddie Chinn Drama Workshops and LIPA Sixth Form, I can confidently say we know our actors, their capabilities, professionalism and attitude.

I recognise how difficult professional representation and the necessary auditions can impact on family life and a child’s education as well. For years my son has been balancing both. I understand the trying to please everyone is a struggle but as a parent I hope I can pass on what I have learnt to other parents and show how the industry can accommodate everyone’s needs.

As hard as it can be it can also be exciting and wonderful, you may experience things you never thought you would experience.

Let the adventure start now …………………………